The P Word and Why We Use It

The term psychopath seems to have divided the psychiatric community.  You are either in Camp Psychopath, or you are in Camp Antisocial Personality Disorder.

But the term psychopath does not just divide the treatment community.

Every few weeks we will hear from a parent or community member asking WHY we use the word psychopath.  Isn’t it too harsh?  Isn’t it too scary?  Shouldn’t we rethink the words we are using?

The truth is we here at the Society for Treatment Options for Potential Psychopaths have thought about our choice of words long and hard.

Does the word psychopath scare you?  GOOD.  It should do exactly that.  I don’t know that there is much on this planet more terrifying than someone who will hurt you and feel no remorse about it.

We don’t minimize Ebola by labeling it “Mildly Inconvenient Blood Borne Viral Syndrome.”  We should not minimize psychopathy in the same manner.

While we, of course, cannot label children as psychopaths, I think it is important that we never lose sight of what could happen should we fail to properly treat Conduct Disorder (CD).  Which is all but inevitable given that there is no treatment available for our kids.

We want the world to stand up and take notice.  We are screaming WE ARE ASKING YOU TO HELP US STOP OUR KIDS FROM BECOMING PSYCHOPATHS.

One of the hazards of parenting is that we are often blinded by our love for our children.

Which is another reason we choose to use the word psychopath.  Because we, as parents, must never lose sight of what could happen should we fail.

Should we fail, our children will grow up to hurt your children and be unmoved by your children’s suffering.  Not all psychopaths are physically violent, but emotional violence or violence in any form is unacceptable to us.  It should be unacceptable to you too.

Help us help keep your kids safe.  Donate today:


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